Run TYPO3 Tests with PHP8

Those of you who are using TYPO3 for some time already probably know the script with which you can run all test suites of TYPO3 locally - see for the documentation if you are not yet familiar with the script.

The base for the script are the typo3gmbh/* docker containers available through Docker Hub or via Github Container Registry.

Today, I released a first build supporting PHP 8 (beta 4), making PHP 8 available to the runTests script. Currently, xdebug, redis and sqlsrv are not yet available (and therefor not included).

Use it with ./Build/Scripts/ -p 8.0 from a TYPO3 Core checkout.

Of course, TYPO3 and a lot of dependencies are not yet compatible with PHP8 - but with the image and the tests I hope it's getting easier to make it compatible. If there are things missing from the image or you have any problems, please open an issue at